Tumblr is among the renowned social networking platforms that everybody can sign up. The microblogging website enables users to post content and media, comment, and send messages. Unfortunately, this social networking has more and more sensitive and NSFW content for the last few years. For this reason, Tumblr released a Safe Mode. However, it seems the Safe Mode does not make anyone happy.

Many users, especially those above 18 try to disable this feature to enjoy the platform at its best. There are three different methods of how to turn off Safe Mode on Tumblr. You can pick one that suits you. As the name suggests, Tumblr Safe Mode works by restricting inappropriate posts and contents on the dashboard.

The Safe Mode is actually created to protect all users, especially those under This explains why users under 18 cannot disable the mode in any way. That is categorized into sensitive content is anything unsuitable for Tumblr community members. This includes nudity, even though it is artistic nudity or nudity in the educational context.

All these contents are considered sensitive. For this reason, many of its users find this mode is quite restrictive.

How to Turn Off Tumblr Safe Mode [Full Guide]

But mature and adult users still have chances to get rid of this mode. If you are above 18 and are responsible enough to yourself, you can choose to disable the Tumblr Safe Mode. By turning off the mode, you can see sensitive contents and access NSFW blogs which are restricted when you are using the mode.

To turn off Safe Mode on Tumblr, there are three different methods that you can try. By default, Tumblr Safe Mode is intended for all users. But you can turn off the Safe Mode on Tumblr via the website.

How to Bypass Tumblr Safe Mode 2020 {100% Working}

This method may be the easiest as you only need to sign in as usual and turn it off manually. Just make sure you are mature enough to see the sensitive content because users under 18 has no way to turn it off. The platform will know your age from your registration form. Using website can be your best option to get rid of the mode. Now that you have disabled the mode, you will be able to access sensitive content or blogs containing NSFW.

This setting will not change even though you log out and log back in. Aside from accessing the website, as usual, getting rid of Safe Mode can be easily carried out on this app. However, it may take a little more steps to turn off the Safe Mode via mobile. If you are iPhone usersyou can disable the mode from the Settings app by following this:.

After turning the mode off via mobile app, you can see sensitive content and posts even from restricted blogs. For Android users, the steps are a little different.Bypass Tumblr Safe Mode: Tumblr is an excellent source for sharing your thoughts and experiences with the world around you. In fact, it can be an excellent option for use as the right blogging about your thoughts and sharing your world with everyone outside.

In essence, the platform is used by several celebrities to share their views or even personal ramblings with people around you. However, the recent growth of adult content or any sort of objectionable content on the website. This normally causes you to come across a Tumblr Safe mode. Such content flags the safe mode error on Tumblr. But how would you bypass Tumblr safe mode?

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We will check out the best options to achieve the task. Like we mentioned here above, Tumblr goes into the safe mode when it notices that the page you want to access contains any sensitive data. Tumblr would throw an error that claims that This Tumblr may contain sensitive media.

Go to my dashboard. The Tumblr account comes with the Safe Mode turned on by default. This is true of all the accounts irrespective of age and location of the account holder. Well, there are several methods you can use to opt for Tumblr safe mode bypass. The following methods should help you bypass Tumblr safe mode. Signing in to your account would not ideally suffice. You would need to turn off the safe mode manually. Please note that you are under 18 years of age; you would not be able to opt for Tumblr safe mode off option.

So, wait for a little and ensure that you are beyond the age of 18 before reading any further. The desktop mode lets you use a simpler option to Tumblr turn off safe mode. Follow the steps here below, and you should be good to go —.Tumblr is a social media platform for microblogging. Founded in the yearTumblr allows users to share different types of short term blog in different formats.

You can also privatize your account if you want to and control who sees your post. Tumblr currently has 23 million users all over the US starting from 13 years old. But instead of categorizing and restricting only youngsters, the safe mode is on for every user, i. In this article, I am going to discuss a different way to disable Tumblr safe mode on different platforms.

If you have an android device, then turning off safe mode is way simpler than ios or PC and it can directly be done via Tumblr mobile app. To turn off the safe mode.

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Step 4 — Go to General settingthen click on Filtering. Step 5 — Open Filtering menu and there is your Safe mode.

How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Tumblr [Bypass Restrictions]

Tap on it to turn off safe mode. Just like Android, turning off safe mode in Tumblr is also easy on the ios platform, but unlike Android, it cannot be done directly from the app.

To do so. Step 1 — First, go to the Settings and scroll down to the Tumblr app. Doing this will disable your Safe mode. Since Tumblr is a social media platform, it is totally accessible on any PC with an internet connection and a browser installed.

One can easily login in their Tumblr account and change the setting to disable the safe mode. Here is how to do it. Step 2 — Now click on Log in Tumblrto login to your Tumblr account. Step 3 — Once logged in, go to your Account menu and click on Setting.

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Step 4 — Scroll down to the Filtering section and click on Safe mode to disable it. Here is an example, the site Tumbex allows access to Tumblr blog posts just by their name. You can search individually or a group of Tumblog, restricted not restricted, you name it, you got it.

Tumbex is really easy to use and it is totally safe, no login, no signing up just the name. It has a user-friendly interface and gets the job done. Social media sites are made for people of all ages that is why it has both sensitive and non-sensitive content which explains why they have safe modes. No matter which social media site or content sharing platform you are on it will always have a safe mode.

So having a safe mode in Tumblr is no big deal. It might be a bit troublesome but you need to understand the reasons behind it. Looking for all your tech-based solutions?

I Can’t Turn Off “Safe Mode” Anymore!

TechyWhale is all about Tech.It just tells me that there may sensitive content. So safe mode is officially on for everyone.

And it is bullshit. So here is how you turn it off. This might be slightly different for iPhone users. I have an Android. Mine is already off in this pic. If the bar is to the right then it is on. Move it to the left.

turn off safe mode tumblr

How to turn off safe mode? This is so fucking annoying Tumblr do something give me the option please. Step one; make a whole new account. Different email n everything. Make sure to put your age as 19 or older jic. I advise you to keep the first blog there still, jic.

Step four; the button that lets you active and deactivate safe mode should show up—if it doesnt try again, make the age higher.?? Im not sure lmao it worked fine for me at Step five-ish??? Remember your old blogs password still, bc you never know if you might need it.

Hope this helps others lmao, good luck, have fun seeing your blessed lgbt posts that staff insisted upon flagging lmao.

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Turn it off! The email you sent back was NOT helpful! This is the least simple way they could have made it, outside of requiring you to go onto the actual website and shut it down there.As you may have known, the best place to get those daily GIFs and cool memes is Tumblr.

It is a social network where you can explore or share music, artworks or ideas. You will always find any salacious material that interests you. Today, NSFW content is very rampant across the internet.

This is the same for Tumblr. Go to my dashboard. For a while now, Tumblr has developed massive notoriety for adult content. A new user may not be aware of this at first.

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By default, a user of the tool will have the Safe Mode already turned on. So ignore this altogether. Stick only to those cute animal pictures you love. You can come back when you clock Are you an adult and you desire some nice, uncut experience from Tumblr? You can have fun in the city of forbidden lust by turning off the Safe Search. Read more to learn how you can turn off the Safe Mode.

Either you have an account with Tumblr or not, you can do this and have access to the restricted content. This one is quite different. You will need to turn off the Safe Mode off from the app for setting iOS — instead of doing it from the Tumblr application.

How to turn off tumblr safe mode in app

If you desire to use Tumblr with your desktop browser, just visit the site url and login. Then follow the steps below to turn off Tumbl Safe Mode on computer:. Remember this, anytime you log out, you will automatically lose the access to any NSFW content. Ensure that you login in order to regain access. Your recent preference will be saved. If all you want is just to have access to a certain Tumblr blog in order to view some appealing content, you can do that without having an account with Tumblr.

Even if the content is a type that is blocked. To do this, there are some sites that will allow you to access Tumblr directly. They let you bypass those restrictions. Below are some of these cool websites to turn off Tumblr safe mode without account:. This site has a simple design and functions very good.

Its features are powerful, with great speed. All you need to do here is to type the name or keyword of a blog you want to view.This post is specially written for you. Here, I will briefly explain how you can turn off the Tumblr Safe Mode on different devices. Additionally, I will cover everything you need to learn about this mode on Tumblr.

Tumblr is a popular, but not so mainstream social networking platform. The users use Tumblr to share their creations, memes, gifs, arts and other such things with the audience. But, on Tumblr, it freely roamed along with the regular posts. To filter out this content, the company decided to launch a new mode. The step was a good measure by Tumblr as for society.

So, I will guide you on this properly in a step-wise manner. I will even explain how you can turn it off without even needing a Tumblr account.

Tip The Safe Mode is turned on by default for all the users. You have to turn it off manually. You have until you complete 18 years of age officially and then you can browse through the real Tumblr. Tip The settings for the Tumblr Safe Mode are not synced across your devices. So, you have to alter the settings on all your devices and computers separately. But, you can sign back in to regain access. If you are using the Tumblr app on your android mobile, you can directly turn off the safe mode from the app.

Using the steps mentioned below, you can turn off the Tumblr Safe Mode easily. Follow these steps in order to learn the process:. Step Launch the Tumblr app, and tap on the Account icon. Step Now go to General Settingsand then tap on Filtering. Step Finally, toggle the switch present next to Safe Mode to turn it off. The Safe Mode is turned off on your android device now. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you will not get the option to turn off the Tumblr Safe Mode directly from the Tumblr app.

Instead, you have to turn it off from the Settings app. Step Go to the Settings app from the Home screen. Step Now scroll downfind and then tap on Tumblr. The Safe Mode is turned off on your iOS device now. If you want to turn off the Tumblr Safe mode using your computer, you will have to sign in using your account.

Step Launch your browserpreferably Chrome and visit Tumble. Step Log in to your Tumblr account and then click on the Account icon. Step Now go to Settings and switch to the Filtering section. Step Here, just turn the switch present next to Safe Mode to Off position.

The Safe Mode is turned off on your computer now. You will not need any account neither on Tumblr nor on the website for this purpose. Just visit the site, access the blog and have fun. TumblViewr is a great website to access Tumblr blogs without any restrictions. It has a clean and lightweight user interface for a smooth browsing experience. You just have to type the name of any blog and it will load a number of photos and GIFs as the thumbnails for results.

Then go through these and see what you were finding.Tumblr is a great place to get your daily fix of cool GIFs and memes. But, the amount of NSFW content on that site has risen dramatically over recent years, so it's not surprising to see certain blogs — adult-related, for example — restricted with a Safe Mode warning.

We are going to be talking about a way to get around that as well. You need to manually turn it off. Step 1: Sign in to your Tumblr account, click the Account icon, and then select Settings. Step 2: On the Filtering section, tap the switch next to the Safe Mode to turn it off. However, remember that once you sign out, you lose access to NSFW content, so make sure to log in whenever you want to regain access. Step 1: Open the Settings app from the Home screen, scroll down, and then tap Tumblr.

Step 1: Open the Tumblr app, tap the Account icon, and then tap the gear-shaped Settings icon. You hate Tumblr, but you just need to access a particular Tumblr blog to check up on something. There are certain websites that let you access Tumblr by directly bypassing the restriction.

GramUnion lets you instantly access any Tumblr blog — restricted or unrestricted — by simply inserting its name.

turn off safe mode tumblr

You can also insert hashtags to easily bring up related posts and blogs. Just type in the name of any blog, and it instantly starts loading photos and GIFs in thumbnail format, which makes it an insanely useful way to quickly scan through thousands of posts.

You can also click on a thumbnail to access a full resolution version of the related image. Another useful website that lets you access restricted content in a jiffy, Tumbex also lets you search for posts individually.

turn off safe mode tumblr

And, the fact that it displays images in a customizable grid format makes navigating complex Tumblr blogs a breeze. Unlike the other two sites that we talked about, you can also sign in using your Facebook or Google accounts and bookmark blogs and posts for viewing later. Quite useful, right? And at least, Safe Mode can be easily turned off, so Tumblr deserves some credit for that.

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Before we wrap things up, remember to check out the sites mentioned above even if you have an account.